Join the Expander Mastermind to unlock your self-belief, expand possibility, and realise the life you long for.




The Why

I have a bold mission to teach 10 million humans how to intentionally adapt, in order to future proof happiness by 2025. Why? Because the world is suffering from happiness poverty and the impacts on our health and our ability to thrive are disturbing. I connect daily with thousands around the world who are longing for change, for a simpler, more connected, and more intentional life, filled with more of the things that light them up, but they feel stuck and afraid.

The Expander Mastermind is made for the restless soul, the one who is longing for change and ready to do the work to make it happen. You’re ready to let go of the things that are no longer serving you, and lean into expansion. Expansion of self-belief, of possibility, of joy and intentional action all within the service of living the life you long for.

In return for your effort, I have designed the Expander Mastermind to enable you to change how you see yourself, how you talk to yourself, and how you believe in yourself. You will feel more confident, more courageous, and more supported in experimenting with, and embedding what makes you truly happy.

The What

I have created this unique Mastermind based on exactly what I would have loved to have had when I started my Hacking Happiness journey back in 2014:

  • Real and meaningful connection with amazing humans on the same journey, and doing the hard work
  • A safe space (but not a comfortable one) to experiment and try new things all in the service of weaving more of what matters into every day
  • The confidence that your Mastermind leader has your back and the time to address the challenges you face as they arise. (That’s why when you join you get direct access to me!)
  • A supportive, globally diverse peer group to enable you to look at how you tackle happiness through a range of different lenses (there’s no one-size-fits-all in the realm of hacking happiness)
  • The comfort that the integrity of the Mastermind will be upheld throughout. The openness, mojo, and support participants bring is critical to the success of the Mastermind. I won’t tolerate behaviour that is not in alignment with the nature of our group.

That’s exactly what you get when you join the Expander Mastermind.





The When

The Expander Mastermind will kick off on 18 January 2021 and run through to the 18 March 2021

The How

The abundance of the Expander Mastermind occurs through the sharing of our collective hopes, fears, stories, experiments, and reflections over time. We are all capable of being both a teacher and a student and it’s with this mindset that we grow together!



The Expander Mastermind is a 3-month all-in commitment to you, and realising the life that you long for. Here’s what you get:

★ A private coaching session with me each month.  We will jump on Zoom together and go deep on what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be done differently to move you closer to where you want to be.

★ A direct line to me. Whatever it is, I've got your back – directly! Between our Mastermind sessions and private coaching calls, you’ll be able to text or voice message me with any queries and I will personally respond.

★ Two group coaching calls a month with your tribe! That’s right, every fortnight via Zoom all Masterminders come together to get real, get raw, and get intentional. Each session will focus on a core theme that will act as a building block to yours and the group's evolution. All sessions are recorded so that you can refresh and reflect whenever you like.

★ Group Chat. You now have your own mini tribe of cheerleaders, ready to keep it real, share their stories, and support you in making the change you seek. The group chat space allows you to raise your questions to the group and leverage their collective wisdom instantly. It’s likely if you’re wondering, then so is someone else in the tribe, or maybe they’ve already found the solution to that wonder and can share what they’ve learnt. This is the magic of our mastermind.

★ Access All Areas: When you join, the doors are open literally. You can access live events and my entire suite of online programs and memberships at no additional cost.





The Expander Mastermind Will Transform Your Happiness And Your Life

So come and join me and let's navigate this journey together.

Frequently Asked Questions

➞ What is a Mastermind?

The Mastermind is neither a networking group nor peer coaching it is an evolutionary tribe that grows together.  We connect, we share, we challenge, we collaborate, and we create the space to help each other rise.

My role is to facilitate deep exploration, experimentation, and reflection that aligns with each member progressing closer towards the change they long for. This tribe is designed to help you define what matters to you and provide you with the space and support to bring more of it into each day.

➞ What do you mean by a Globally Diverse Mastermind?

After working with thousands around the world I now have a beautiful client base that spans the globe. I truly believe in harnessing the value of diverse thinking and cultural diversity is key to making that happen. The more diverse we are as a tribe the more challenged we are to look at the world, each other, and ourselves through a different lens…opening the door to possibility we never imagined.

➞ Who is this Mastermind for?

This Mastermind is for you if:

  • You’re willing to invest in yourself, not just financially but with your time and effort
  • You’re committed to long term sustainable change and willing to do the work in order to make it happen
  • You’re seeking a safe space to share your challenges but not a comfortable one because you appreciate that growth occurs when you surf the edge of your comfort zone
  • You’re open to exploration and experimentation even if it feels uncomfortable or a little scary at first
  • You’re wanting to be held accountable for making the change you long for
  • You want to feel encouraged and supported and you're willing to make your tribe feel the same
  • You want to learn how to hack your way to a happier every day with me and my inspiring clients
  • You can commit to attending and participating in the scheduled meetings

➞ Who is this Mastermind NOT for?

  • Those looking for silver bullets or quick fixes rather than surrendering to the evolution that is a mastermind
  • Those who keep to themselves and aren't naturally inclined to hold a discussion in a peer forum
  • Those who want to be told answers rather than do the growth work to find the answer that is right for them

➞ What Am I Committing To?

Showing up, speaking up, and listening up. In order to realise the benefits of the Expander Mastermind, I need you to commit to showing up at the tribe calls, being active in the tribe Voxer and giving and receiving constructive support to the tribe.

➞ What happens during the group sessions?

Each session starts with a progress reflection discussion where participants get to share what’s working, what isn’t, and what they would like to do differently. From there, I (or an attendee) will share insights and knowledge around a topic relevant to enabling the progression of the tribe.

On occasion, we might workshop a specific challenge that is shared amongst the tribe or invite in a special guest to shine a different light on an area of opportunity.

The sessions are designed to feel free-flowing and to ensure that everyone has a voice and feels heard.

➞ How many people are in the Mastermind?

My commitment to you is to keep this intimate, which is why there will be a maximum of 10 in the Expander Mastermind. If we have less than that number we may have new members join if they are a fit with the group vibe during the program. Know that I am committed to the integrity of the group and will only accept applications from those who amplify what we already have.

➞ Will you record the tribe meetings?

All of our tribe meetings/calls will be recorded so that you can watch and reflect post-session.

➞ What about confidentiality?

Part of your commitment to this group is accepting that what is said in the Mastermind stays in the Mastermind. Confidentiality is crucial to providing a safe space which is why we as a tribe apply Chatham House Rules.

➞ What is the financial commitment?

The financial commitment is US$1197 per month over a minimum of 3 months and then monthly from there if you decide to continue beyond the initial commitment. Alternatively, you can pay US$2873 in full, upfront, and receive a 20% discount.



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