Creating The Space For The Practice Of Joy | 31 Aug - 5 Sep

What Is The Hacking Happiness Retreat?

Join Happiness Hacker, Penny Locaso, and several of the amazing LuluLemon Ambassadors (and a few additional wellbeing gurus) as they guide you through six days of virtual micro-retreats designed to disconnect you from your day-to-day and create space for the practice of joy.

Each micro-retreat will demonstrate practical happiness hacks and rituals for you to implement into your every day through conversations and Q&A with wellness gurus from across Australia and New Zealand. We want to honour the fact that everyone’s hacking happiness journey is unique so we have created sessions between 20 and 60 minutes and encourage you to choose your own adventure by selecting the sessions that resonate for you.

The Hacking Happiness Retreat provides guests with an intentional and safe space to surrender to yourself and experiment with new ways of being, that will bring you joy.



Why Are We Doing This?

On 1st September 2020, Penny Locaso will celebrate the launch of her first book Hacking Happiness (whilst enjoying stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne).




Let’s face it the traditional book launch is boring and given the complexity of the current environment Penny wanted to do something unexpected to celebrate this milestone. She decided to create an experience (leveraging her beautiful network of wellbeing gurus) that enabled people to connect with the practice of Hacking Happiness in a way that is meaningful to them.




How Do I Participate?

Participation is completely free. All you need to do is click here and join the private Facebook group The Hacking Happy CollectiveSimply answer a couple of short registration questions and then dive into the events section and select which micro retreats you want to attend.

What’s On The Program?

Great question! Penny and the awesome team at LuluLemon have handpicked an amazing and diverse line up of wellbeing gurus from across Australia and New Zealand who can’t wait to share their happiness practices with you. 

You can download the Hacking Happiness Program here.



The Retreat Journal Is Here!

We've created the Hacking Happiness Retreat journal to enable you to capture what you're thinking, how you’re feeling, and what action you would like to take to sustain your happiness practice. Download this journal before we kick off and use it in a way that feels right for you, make notes, draw, mind map, or just reflect. This is your space to be and connect in with you during your retreat experience.




We can’t wait to share this truly unique virtual experience with you!



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