How would it feel and what impact would it have if you were to make more intentional choices each day that clearly articulate (to you and to others) what you value through your action?

In this podcast I want to challenge you to look at boundaries through a new lens and consider how critical they are to amplifying your energy, your mental wealth and your happiness.

This podcast is for anyone looking to find the time for more of what matters, anyone feeling exhausted by life and longing for the energy to change the status quo.

Together we will explore:

  • what an intentional boundary with flex is and how you can use it to inject more happiness into each day
  • the huge array of benefits associated with setting intentional boundaries
  • an 8 step process to enable you to bounce forward using boundaries

If you'd like to dig deeper into understanding where your greatest opportunities lie in setting intentional boundaries take the free Hacking Happiness Assessment via This a brilliant way to hold the mirror up to where your behaviour is out of alignment with the things that truly make you feel good.

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