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Confessions of a validation junkie | Episode 71

September 19, 2022

Confessions of a validation junkie | Episode 71

Imagine you're a highly successful executive in investment banking managing a global team, but secretly, you're unfulfilled, sleepless, and laid low by migraines.

Held back by expectations... mostly your own, you find yourself frightened to leave. Instead you settle for a sabbatical to create the space which is where your journey into what's next begins. Excited by what's possible, you soon come to the confronting realisation that your biggest barrier to change is your need for the validation of others.

Meet Jo Bowles, a woman in transition and one of my beloved coaching clients.


In this podcast Jo shares her story, her search for meaning in work and how she's a recovering validation junkie.

This podcast is for anyone who finds themselves and their dreams held back by the fear of judgment and the need to please others.

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