Alison Rice’s true self: How do you shift your life into alignment when you realise the stories you’re telling are not the ones you want to tell? This was the question Alison Rice confronted as a distinguished and multi award-winning digital published.

This week Offline Founder, conscious coach and tribe leader Alison Rice joins Penny Locaso on the Hacking Happy couch. Alison shares how she walked away from what appeared to be it all, only to unlock the door to surrender, alignment, and a life of fulfilment.

Penny and Alison dig deep around:
  • Having the courage to write yourself out of a budget and a successful job
  • How to learn to surrender to the most difficult moments in life
  • On how to shift your mindset to one that says "every experience is an opportunity to live my life in alignment"
Additional Resources spoken about during this podcast that may be of interest
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