How do you amp up your happiness when you can only leave your home for one hour a day of exercise and physical connection outside of your home is cut off? This week, reformed corporate lawyer and the host of ABC Radio National's show and podcast, "This Working Life" Lisa Leong joins Penny Locaso on the Hacking Happy couch. Lisa shares how she structures her day to nourish her soul and dial up her energy.

Penny and Lisa also get real and raw around:

  • How happiness is about a commitment to joy each and everyday
  • Why gifting yourself the start of the day is critical to your happiness practice
  • Why bird watching/listening has them both feeling happier
  • The gifts COVID Life has bought to each of their lives and how they plan to carry these lessons into the future.

Additional Resources spoken about during this podcast that may be of interest

Walden on Life In The Woods / Henry D Thoreau
The Stoics Journal

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