How often do you let fear of rejection of the answer being NO, stop you from asking for what you want?

What if rejection actually held the key to possibility?

Have you ever considered that you can’t get a YESs unless you get NOs? That unlocking the door to what you want, to opportunity, is a numbers game. Unless we learn to love a NO and embrace rejection as a positive thing, we are leaving our hopes and dreams unlived and our skill in resilience underdeveloped.

In this week's podcast, I want to explore with you the concept of rejection therapy, how it can help you build your mental wealth and open the door to opportunities you never imagined possible.

I’m also going to gift you a brilliant tool for helping you learn to love a NO so much so that you won’t want to stop seeking them out!

For more tools and resources to build your mental wealth and inject more of what feels good into each day grab a copy of Hacking Happiness the book here.

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