Mums In Lockdown with Ali Smith | Episode 47

October 25, 2021

Mums In Lockdown with Ali Smith | Episode 47




Welcome to part three of our special series Mums In Lockdown. This is where working Mums in lockdown share firsthand their challenges, how they are navigating life, and any hacks they have discovered that enable them to inject more of what matters into each day.

This week we speak to Ali Smith, a Human Resources professional, student of psychology, and mother of four. Ali is also an experimenter who is forever curious and looking for ways to enable herself and her family to thrive.

Together we explore the idea of ruthless prioritisation as a family to reduce the overwhelm, cultivating open conversations as a family to process feelings, how a More Mindset can support self-care, what MATHS is, and how it can help get you and your kids out of a funk.

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