Off the back of the literature review I recently undertook for my psychology studies on how COVID-19 restrictions have accelerated mental health and wellbeing issues in women, I decided to create an interview series with Mums in lockdown. I wanted to share firsthand their challenges, how they are navigating life, and any hacks they have discovered that enables them to inject more of what matters into each day.

Today we kick off with Patty Di Parisa a Clinical Psychologist who has over 20 year’s experience in the treatment of anxiety, panic, stress, trauma, grief, and depression, in older adolescents (>16 years) and adults. Patty is also the mother of three and has been living, homeschooling, and working through the longest pandemic in the world in Melbourne.

In this episode of the Hacking Happy podcast, we explore what pandemic flux is, how to process feelings of anger using radical acceptance, why moving your body is critical to your mental health and why we don't teach processing feeling as a subject at schools.

Strap yourselves in this is a must-listen.

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