Stories Of Transformation - Part 1 | Episode 60

April 03, 2022

Stories Of Transformation - Part 1 | Episode 60




What comes to your mind when you think of the word transformation?

For me, it’s a visual of a little caterpillar one day deciding its time, so she spins her little cocoon to encase herself and soon after reappears as a beautiful butterfly. Transformed into the next iteration of who she wants to be, it’s intentional and it’s beautiful.

Whilst I love this visual I know all too well the truth of transformation. It’s messy, it’s uncertain, uncomfortable, it requires failure, experimentation, persistence and resilience. This is why so many of us spend our lives longing for it but never take the leap into living.

I’ve created this week’s podcast for anyone who finds themselves stuck in the void between intention and action and unable to find the right path to progress their dreams.

So many people reach out to me asking where did you start? How did you know it would work? What one action had the greatest impact? They want to know the how of making change so that they can find the confidence to step into the life they long for. That’s why this week I want to bring to you stories of transformation from everyday people, people like you and I who have stepped into the unknown, embraced failure and realised happiness they never thought possible as a result. I want to share their diverse stories in the hope that it might inspire you to take just one action that moves you from frustrated to fulfilled so that you can show up wholeheartedly in life as who you really are!

So, grab a pen and paper and strap yourself in. There is wisdom in their words and inspiration in their actions.

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