July 07, 2022 2 min read

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What if you stopped living by the rules and made your own?
Mona and I met at a co-working space we used to share. We used to enjoy an informal chat and she was always asking questions about how I’d turned my life upside down in pursuit of happiness and stopped living by the rules and instead made my own. 
I left the coworking space in 2018 and our paths hadn’t crossed since. That was until a few weeks back when she popped into my inbox with the most tear-welling, heart-warming story of change. Unbeknown to me in 2019 Mona ditched her successful corporate career and took a 1-year sabbatical to find who she wanted to be in this world.
She landed in Somaliland where she had familial roots and noticed an opportunity. There were no public or community spaces for creative engagement, artistic practice or community events. In particular, women and children had limited access to social and public spaces which are largely reserved for men. Mona chose to stop living by the rules and started to create her own and has now, with her sister, established the first art and community centre in Somaliland EQRA.


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