We Don't Have To Be Alone Together | Episode 37

August 08, 2021

We Don't Have To Be Alone Together | Episode 37




I’m lonely.

5 Lockdowns and cutting off a massive human connection energy source will do that to you.

I’m not alone in the traditional sense of the word, I’m surrounded by people who love me, be it most of the time virtually.

But I feel lonely and I know I’m not the only one feeling this way.

In this podcast, I wanted to talk honestly about loneliness and explore how it impacts us and a couple of simple ways to try and shift it when it presents.

I'm drawing heavily on the work of Noreena Hertz and her brilliant book The Lonely Century – A Call To Reconnect, because her insights are all research-based and form an interconnected spider web of human self-sabotage.

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Listen to Noreena Hertz talk Loneliness on The Knowledge Project Podcast

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