When It's Time To Get Out Of Your Own Way | Episode 58

March 12, 2022

When It's Time To Get Out Of Your Own Way | Episode 58




Back early on in my career at the ripe old age of 20, I got my first job in a corporate environment working for a woman who I looked up to as a role model. She seemed kind and helpful through the interview process, but not long after I started, I felt like every task I undertook was under a criticism microscope. The longer this went on, the more I tried harder to please her, the less happy she became and the more my confidence eroded.

I was astounded at how my environment had a significant downward shift in a skill that was part of who I am.

I soon realised how toxic this situation had become and came to the conclusion that the only thing standing between me and my ability to believe in myself again and find that spark in my work, was ME.

It was time to get out of my own way.

This is where we are going in this week’s podcast because I have been blown away by the number of highly successful professional women I have interviewed over the past few weeks who have shared with me that the biggest barrier to them leading a flourishing life is themselves.

Take a listen and learn a beautiful little hack to help you dial down the inner chatter and step into your spark.

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