Why you have to let go to lean in | Episode 87

May 16, 2023

Why you have to let go to lean in | Episode 87

The number one ingredient required to grow and expand into the person and the life you long for is space.

Space to reflect, to brainstorm, to plan and to just be and sit in the present moment and allow it to inspire you. Space is what so many of my prospective clients tell me they need and yet for so many of us space feels elusive. Space is and will always be elusive if every moment of every day is full. Space only comes when we let go. Let go of the things that no longer serve the direction we wish to head in.

On this podcast I bring in a beautiful friend and co-worker Mariah Mcinnes to go deep on why we need to let go in order to lean in to more of what gives us meaning.

Together we explore our journey toward letting go of each other after working together for over 2 years and how the courage to do so is allowing both of us to expand our businesses.

Mariah's journey of letting go of a safe career and leaning into the life of a digital nomad will inspire and surprise you in its magic and imperfection.

Follow Mariah's journey as a digtial nomad on insta here.

If you need to create the space to self disrupt and inject more of what gives you meaning into your life join me on my upcoming reTREAT here.


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