Ever asked yourself what is the cost of never being ready, the cost of never realising the life that I know could make me happier?

I asked myself this question six years ago and in my view, it was too much. I came to the realisation that ready and all that goes with it was holding me back.

Is it holding you back?

If you’ve longed to make a change in your life (for I’m guessing around 2 or 3 years) and you haven’t taken action because you’re ‘not ready’, then this podcast is for you.

Across this two-part series we will explore:
  • what ready really means and why it could be holding you back
  • why it's the action that breeds the clarity, not waiting for the perfect plan
  • how I trained myself to surrender to uncertainty, embrace the fact that we are never fully ready, and stop using it as an excuse not to take action
Early Bird Registrations

As I mention in the podcast, next week we will officially open the doors to register for my FREE LIVE webinar Ditch Distraction and Ignite Your Focus Around More of What Matters.

If you want to truly test doing something you don’t feel ready to do, I want to provide you with the opportunity to act now.

So, I’m going to give you an early bird link here to register now for my LIVE WEBINAR.

Registrations close on 10th March and places are limited. So grab your spot now.

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