Zoomed Out? | Episode 31

June 26, 2021

Zoomed Out? | Episode 31



Are you zoomed out?

I recently spent 24 hours across three days on Zoom undertaking a training program thanks to another Melbourne lockdown.

By end of it, I felt like my soul had been sucked out.

I had a massive headache, and my brain wouldn’t take in any information even though I was hugely passionate about the content.

Have you ever felt like this?

This experience (whilst an extreme example) made me curious about how our dependence on Zoom in the Covid world is impacting our physical and mental health along with our ability to be effective.

Zoom fatigue is a real thing…

In this week’s episode of the Hacking Happy podcast, I want to explore:
  • how extended use of zoom might be affecting you
  • how you can get creative to offset the negative impacts and elevate your energy

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