IAQ® Leadership | Busy = BS Challenge

February 18, 2019

IAQ® Leadership | Busy = BS Challenge

Thank you for participating in the Busy = Bullshit program. Your presence and contributions to the conversation are extremely valuable in exploring how we can shift from Busy to Positively Occupied. To help you continue making the shift, we’ve put together the list of useful resources below.

Program Materials:

Kick-off Busy Program Slides

Busy Program Workbook

Coaching Session 3 Recording

Tools and Resources:

You may find some of these resources helpful in transforming busy into curiosity and deep work.

Learn more about Intentional Adaptability

Try Forest App - Plant a digital tree which only survives if you undertake a deep focused work without distraction.

Try The Freedom App

What To Watch:

Cal Newport's Ted Talk on Why You Should Quit Social Media

TEDxSydney speaker Genevieve Bell The Value Of Boredom

Manoush Zomorodi on making space for creativity in How Boredom can lead to your most Brilliant Ideas

Read For Shifting From Busy To Positively Occupied:

Deep Work by Cal Newport to level up your focused work time

Penny Locaso's Step By Step Guide To Saying NO

Slow by Brooke McAlary to gain some simple ways to slow down and create more space for what matters

I Used To Be A Human Being by Andrew Sullivan

Atomic Habits

Read why Dom Price from Atlassian deleted all his meetings from his calendar

Hooked by Nir Eyal

Indistractable by Nir Eyal

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