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Future Proof Episode #10 – Penny Locaso

May 26, 2018

Future Proof Episode #10 – Penny Locaso

How often do you go into your email to do a specific task, and then you get distracted by a Facebook notification, then a video on your feed, and an article that you clicked on? You’ve forgotten what you set out to do in the first place. Sounds familiar?

This is what distraction does to us, and it’s only getting worse the more time we spend on devices or on the internet.

In this week’s Happiness Hack video, Penny talks about Cal Newport and his book about creating the space for Deep Work. Learn more about the tactics that Penny has employed from his book that have fundamentally shifted things for her, including time-blocking and smarter email management.

Penny would love to hear how you create the space for focused work that doesn’t allow for any distraction. Pop your #deepwork tactics in the comments on Penny’s YouTube Channel.

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