Create the freedom you long for in your business and life without second-guessing yourself.
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Cartoon drawing of tired woman laying on the couch with kids on top of her.

Frazzled Freedom Seeker

You’re a people-pleasing professional on a high-speed treadmill that you feel you can’t get off. Your heart calls you toward more meaning in your work, more joy and presence in your life but you don’t know where to start.

You’re ready to create the freedom and flow to work and live on your terms.

That's Me
Cartoon drawing of woman sitting on the floor with her laptop.

Heart Led Lifestylepreneur

You’re a coach, consultant or therapist who turned her back on the hamster wheel and started the dream business. You’re on a quest to create the freedom to work and live on your terms, whilst making money doing what you love

... but now you’re in it it feels like chaos and it’s not delivering on your dream.

That's Me