The IAQ® Assessment can be used to…

Identify adaptability gaps within a team and or organisation to inform impactful learning and development opportunities.

Identify and elevate the most intentionally adaptable talent in your team.

Provide simple, personalised interventions that will build skills in IAQ® across your organisation.

Identify gaps in your own adaptability to better understand where your growth opportunities lie and where to start to take action.

How the IAQ® Assessment works.

1. Measure

The IAQ® Assessment measures each person’s skills at adapting to change, particularly in changing work environments.

2. Plan

The personalised IAQ® Insights & Opportunity Reports means that we can deep dive into the IAQ® Assessment results of an individual, a team or an organisation and identify where the opportunities lie for adaptability growth.

3. Experiment

Our customised IAQ® Assessment Insights & Opportunity Reports empower individuals to experiment their way to healthy high performance in a way that makes sense for them.

4. Adapt

Changes are made and skills are built providing the basis to celebrate progress and identify new opportunities via re-assessment.


All of our programs and keynotes are designed to enhance IAQ®, so we can partner our assessments with the program that best suits your team's development needs. Book a call to discuss this here.

The IAQ® Assessment will work whatever the size of your team. Let’s jump on a call to discuss the needs of your team to determine the best next step for you.

Of course. The assessment can be used on an individual or group level. You'll come away with deep insights and an action plan of how to build skills in adaptability and where your strengths may lie as a leader.

The cost is $89 per person and takes about 25-30 minutes to complete. Note: prices are AUD and exclude GST.