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Future Proof Episode #19 - Penny Locaso

June 07, 2018

Future Proof Episode #19 - Penny Locaso

This week's Future Proof hack is about micro-bravery, hence delivering this video after getting out of the shower from my bathroom.

How does receiving a NO make you feel? Do you have dreams you long to realise, or amazing people you’d love to connect with, but do nothing, because you fear receiving the dreaded, NO? What if I told you to shift the receipt of every NO into a mini-celebration?

I believe one of the best ways to future-proof, build resilience, and amplify your true potential, is to start asking for all the things you want, but are too afraid to act on. Here, I talk about how you can step into fear, and learn to love a NO.#100NOs

If you've employed a practice like this, pop your comments on my YouTube channel and share with us what has happened.

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