Reconnect With Your Why in Business: A Guide for Heart-Led Lifestylepreneurs

May 16, 2024

Reconnect With Your Why in Business: A Guide for Heart-Led Lifestylepreneurs

Are you a coach, consultant, or therapist who embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship to break free from the conventional grind and pursue your passions? 

You envisioned a life where you call the shots, make a difference, and thrive doing what you love. Yet, somewhere along the way, you find yourself tangled in the complexities of running a business, feeling disconnected from the very essence of why you started.

If this resonates with you, you're not alone. Many heart-led lifestylepreneurs (as I like to call us) experience a similar struggle. 

But I am here to tell you it's never too late to realign with your purpose, reignite your passion, and reclaim your power.

See below a few exercises to help you reconnect in business as I build you to the next steps of your business journey. 

How to reconnect with your business 

You made a bold choice to leave the hamster wheel behind and create a life of freedom and fulfilment. 

But as you navigate entrepreneurship, you may find yourself grappling with self-doubt, uncertainty, and overwhelm. 

Perhaps you're questioning every decision, feeling weighed down by the pressure to conform to external expectations, or struggling to see the impact of your efforts.

As you go further down this rabbit hole, you might even find yourself wondering why you even started a business. Sound familiar? 

The first step is to reconnect with why you started in the first place. 

Rediscovering your why

It's time to pause, reflect, and reconnect with your why—the driving force behind your entrepreneurial journey. Let's go on a journey of self-discovery and introspection to realign your energy, mindset, and focus.

Exercise: Reconnecting with Your Energy & Mindset

Grab your journal, light a candle, make a nice space for you to reconnect and ponder on the following questions:

  1. What energises me and brings me joy in my work?
  2. How can I cultivate a mindset of abundance and possibility?
  3. What beliefs or patterns are holding me back from fully embracing my potential?
Exercise: Reconnecting with Your Impact

Delve deeper into your purpose by considering these prompts:

  1. What impact do I aspire to create through my business?
  2. Who are the people I am passionate about serving?
  3. How can I align my actions with my core values and mission?
Check-In: Where Are You Now?

Take a moment to assess your current state:

  • Are you feeling energetically aligned or distracted?
  • Do you trust your instincts and decisions, or do you second-guess yourself?
  • Are you actively contributing to meaningful change, or do you feel invisible in your endeavours?

Your invitation for clarity

If you're ready to shift from chaos to clarity, I invite you to download my FREE  Heart Led Lifestylepreneur Health Check.

We take what you have started above and allow you the time and space to reflect. 

This reflective tool is designed to help you reconnect with your why, gain clarity on where to focus your energy and chart a course towards greater impact and freedom.

Don't let uncertainty hold you back from living your dream. It's time to reclaim your power and reignite your passion. 

Download your copy today and take the first step towards a heart-led, purpose-driven life and business.


Remember, the journey back to your why begins with a single step. Are you ready to take it?