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How to find the right coach for you | Episode 115

January 09, 2024

How to find the right coach for you | Episode 115

A new year can often feel like a beautiful blank canvas of possibility for you to paint upon. A canvas where vision, intention and action collide, sparking a meaningful shift toward that which ignites a fire in your soul. As I write these words, I feel goosebumps at the infinite possibilities and the learning that I know will come with trying, even when it doesn’t work out as planned.

I also ground myself in the reality that in the age of information overload and coaching gurus selling you the world, making a meaningful shift toward living a life that feels purposeful, present and spacious enough to have a meaningful impact can feel complicated.

For all of these reasons, the first podcast for the year is dedicated to helping you invest in the support you need to realise your dreams in 2024 with intention and due diligence. I want to ensure that when you invest in yourself, you get what you pay for and make some serious progress.

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