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Future Proof Episode #4 – Corrie Ackland

May 26, 2018

Future Proof Episode #4 – Corrie Ackland

Got A Phobia? (Who Doesn’t)

“What people are most surprised about is that at their heart (phobias) are all the same. Plug in whatever content (fear) you like, it plays out in the same way. You might get stuck in your stumbling block but it’s essentially all the same thing.” Corrie Ackland – Sydney Phobia Clinic

In this episode of Future Proof TV Penny Locaso speaks with psychologist Corrie Ackland AKA, a fear guru who runs the Sydney Phobia Clinic and spends her days removing fears from people like a modern-day saviour, but with a twist. She uses virtual reality to cure debilitating phobias.

Corrie Ackland is the Clinical Director and the Principal Clinical Psychologist at Sydney Phobia Clinic. Corrie holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Master of Psychology (Clinical) from Western Sydney University. She has experience across psychological presentations and has worked in the area of severe anxiety presentations and phobias for more than 5 years.

Watch the full #futureproof interview where Penny and Corrie explore the phenomenon of being overwhelmed with anxiety, and how with the use of Virtual Reality, Corrie is helping people to overcome fear and build resilience.

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