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Future Proof Episode #7 – Penny Locaso

May 26, 2018

Future Proof Episode #7 – Penny Locaso

Now, put your hand up if you’re feeling busy at the moment. It feels like every person I meet, I ask them how they are and they say “I’m busy”. When I ask people what they’re busy doing, a lot of them express to me they are not actually happy with what they’re doing.

A friend recently shared with me she doesn’t use the word “busy” anymore, she started using the words “positively occupied”. I decided that I was going to start using those words as well. Since I’ve been using the words “positively occupied”, when someone asks me how I am, what has happened is extremely interesting.

  • It has created conversation and interest in what is making me happy
  • I have started challenging people in my keynotes to use the words “positively occupied”, and their response has been phenomenal.

Does it conjure up a negative perspective in your head when someone uses the word “busy”? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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