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Alex's Heart Led Journey

March 25, 2024

Alex's Heart Led Journey

How Alex went from feeling overwhelmed and unable to focus to finding her purpose and believing she has something unique and special to offer the world.

Before Alex Bakowski joined Penny’s coaching program, she had ventured into entrepreneurship after leaving her corporate career. However, she felt unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and unsure of where to focus her energy and time. Alex had a deep longing to create a more human approach to work, but she struggled to bring this vision to life and connect with the right customers.

Alex's decision to start the coaching journey was inspired by seeing Penny, successfully put herself out there in an authentic and genuine way. This sparked a belief in Alex that she could do the same. The challenge and self-assurance displayed by Penny drew Alex in, igniting her desire to dive headfirst into the coaching journey.

What resonated with me was Penny’s ability to be extremely genuine, backed up with research and science. I do a lot of reading, and everything Penny was saying made me think: she knows her shit

Although Alex didn't have a clear outcome in mind when joining, she wholeheartedly embraced the coaching process, trusting it would guide her where she needed to go.

Penny's coaching helped Alex develop crucial skills and insights. She learned to make herself visible as an expert in her field to scale her business meaningfully.

By clearing her mind of noise and distractions, she gained clarity on the next steps through a simple organisation system.

Alex also discovered the importance of connecting with the right customers who aligned with her desire to bring about positive change in the world. To stay focused and productive, she created a weekly board with specific goals.

Alex's life underwent a significant transformation after the coaching.

Despite spending a decade in corporate, she felt like she had finally come home by working with entrepreneurial tech businesses. Through the coaching, Alex gained confidence in connecting with her network, uncovering unexpected opportunities.

She now shows up in the world with a clear vision and purpose, believing she has something unique and valuable to offer, and she incorporates her values into her work.

She works towards her true calling daily, finding immense satisfaction and fulfilment in her journey. As the client demand grows, Alex is ready to build her dream team and scale her business.

Alex's story demonstrates how coaching can empower individuals to tap into their unique potential, make a meaningful impact, and find their true calling in life.