Kim's Heart Led Journey

March 25, 2024

Kim's Heart Led Journey

How Kim went from lacking the courage to chase her dreams to discovering she had all the answers within herself and finding the self-belief to make a life-altering leap.

Picture Kim, a seasoned professional of 30 years, stuck in a job that had defined her identity for so long. She had dreams, but the fear of letting go and financial responsibilities held her back. At 51, she wondered if it was too late to start anew. Deep down, she knew there was something more, but she couldn't connect the dots alone.“This was my next career move, not just a hobby, I needed in order to push forward and to have the faith that I was going to be able to achieve my goals.”

Kim recognised that her leap into a new career required support, skills, and structure, along with unwavering faith in her aspirations. Penny, with her personal experience and expertise, seemed to understand Kim's struggles on a profound level. “It's like all the stars lined up, and I thought, If I don't do it now, when will I ever do it? I've had many coaches, group programs and mentors over the years, but Penny’s got all the wisdom, tools and knowledge.”

She offered a tailored solution that resonated with Kim's needs. Penny's insights, research, and personal touch gave Kim the confidence to take action.

The transformation Kim experienced through coaching with Penny ran deeper than she could have imagined. As she embarked on this journey, Kim found herself shedding layers of self-doubt and hesitation. She learned to dismantle the barriers that had held her back for so long and confront her deepest fears head-on.

One of the most profound shifts came in the form of self-awareness.Kim realised that many of the answers she had been seeking were already within her.

In addition to this newfound self-awareness, Kim acquired practical tools and resources that empowered her to navigate her new career path. She also deepened her journaling and meditation practices, finding a grounding force within herself. Balancing spontaneity with structure became second nature, and Kim found these mindset shifts and disciplines invaluable in her journey.

Kim's outlook on life today has undergone a profound transformation. She stands on the threshold of a brighter future with newfound self-belief and self-awareness. Kim has fully embraced her new identity, which serves as the solid foundation upon which she's building the life she's always dreamed of.

What makes this transformation remarkable is its sustainability. Kim knows she won't revert to her old ways of doing things. The change she's experienced is not a fleeting moment but a lasting shift in her mindset and approach to life.

She carries with her the confidence to tackle challenges head-on, armed with the tools and knowledge she gained through working with Penny.