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Hsaio's Heart Led Journey

March 25, 2024

Hsaio's Heart Led Journey

How Hsiao went from feeling out of control, with a chaotic daily schedule. To finding structure, clarity, and the confidence to be courageous.

In a world dictated by the demands of others, Hsiao found herself lost in the whirlwind of obligations. Whether it was catering to clients, attending to family matters, or navigating the pressures of her high-paced business environment, Hsiao's life lacked direction and control.

Her schedule mirrored the chaos within her mind, leaving her unable to make clear decisions and craving a sense of stability. Despite recognising the need for assistance, Hsiao struggled to find the support necessary to regain control of her life.

Drawn to Penny's authenticity and methodical approach, Hsiao saw an opportunity for transformation. With a desire to reclaim her energy and happiness, Hsiao embarked on a coaching journey guided by Penny's structured methodology.

Through their partnership, Hsiao began to unravel the layers of her chaotic existence, one goal at a time.

With Penny's guidance, she discovered the power of reflection and the importance of setting clear intentions. Together, they crafted a business plan that embraced experimentation and innovation, allowing Hsiao to explore new avenues and redefine her worth.

Throughout her journey with Penny, Hsiao recognised her true value, which saw her double her income and witness a surge in demand for her services. More importantly, she underwent a profound shift in mindset, shedding the fear of judgment and confidently embracing her flaws.

Collaborations and deep dives into understanding her ideal customer avatar provided invaluable insights, paving the way for service enhancements and new opportunities for growth. With structured discovery calls and seamless customer onboarding processes in place, Hsiao has laid the groundwork for sustainable expansion.

As she continues to scale her business through experimentation, Hsiao finds joy in the journey, carving out time for activities beyond work and cherishing moments with her loved ones.

By prioritising focus over multitasking, she accomplishes tasks at a deeper level, without succumbing to the chaos of her past. Armed with newfound courage, Hsiao embraces opportunities with open arms, unafraid to step out of her comfort zone.

Grounded and present, Hsiao navigates her days with clarity and purpose.

"The shift in mindset has been profound. It's so worth the investment. You get what you pay for and this has rubbed off on me. I'm charging more now and I'm understanding my value."