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Shannon's Freedom Journey

January 13, 2023

Shannon's Freedom Journey

Not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, being uncertain about finding her purpose in life, and feeling like she wasn’t really living - were all part of Shannon’s daily mood and mindset. This was impacting her family and Shannon knew she couldn’t go on the way she was.

“I was feeling pretty low and figuring out how to find a psychologist who could help me when I came across Penny’s Instagram post and it seemed to describe exactly how I felt. So I got in touch and started the coaching program."

I’m a contractor and at that time I was uncertain about work and money, I also had a business idea I was longing to act on, it had been on my mind for years but I couldn’t seem to move it forward.

I knew if I didn't take action now I wouldn't be able to live the life I wanted. So I reduced the days I was working, and I started to say NO to things that were not in alignment with where I wanted to head.

I loved the ‘Hell Yes’ list and I still use that now to evaluate what I say yes and no to. This has enabled me to set clear boundaries around how I want to work.

Getting clear on my values has supported me in keeping myself accountable, the list gives me clarity and awareness about how my decisions impact my day.

I still say NO to things now.

When I'm being offered jobs, I now verbalise that I'm putting myself first so that I can move closer to where I want to be. 6 months ago I would have just taken the job and deprioritised myself.

All of the things Penny talks about are so relatable, it wasn't psycho-babble, I like that Penny is straightforward and direct, I’m that way too.

Penny is very intuitive and helped me face the things that hold me back, work through them and solve my own problems.

When I think back to before I started this coaching, I felt disconnected from my family and purpose, I didn’t even want to get out of bed in the morning. I feel better now, I'm a work in progress but I'm over the mountain.

I'm moving forward before the hill was just too big. Now I understand my passions and what drives me, and I prioritise them.

I have made progress on the business idea that has been bubbling inside me for 10 years. I feel so secure in my work that I can choose which projects to say yes (and more importantly, no ) to.

I feel like before I was sitting still, below existing, going through the motions. Now I’m taking steps forward and this has had a positive impact on my mindset, my work and my family life.