Mady's Freedom Journey

October 23, 2023

Mady's Freedom Journey

Despite feeling stuck and desperately wanting to find direction in her life, Mady didn’t have the energy to do anything differently, let alone a clue on where to start.That’s when she stumbled across an email about the The Collective in her inbox.

“Usually I would be wasting my time in a scroll-hole, distracting myself with social media, but they say when you’re ready, the teacher will appear and for whatever reason that day, I found myself in my inbox looking at the The Collective email."

Sometimes even setting a goal, or knowing what you want from a coach is too exhausting, so I came to the The Collective with trust, open to trying something different, without even knowing what this might look like.

Right from the start how I approached my day felt different, I felt like a different person. I had more control over how my day would unfold, I saw how I could influence good things to happen, lifting me into a more positive space. This led me to feel more confident in making decisions that were right for me, doing things my way, with the tools to continue this long after the The Collective had finished.

I’m not a structured person, but the simplicity of the concepts gave me the structure to actually implement them into my day, and the prompts to take action were hugely helpful. I was definitely burnt out when I started, but by the end I felt like a different person - and it’d only been 8 weeks, how incredible!

I loved that this is not a cookie-cutter model, you can find your own why, values and purpose and connect to who you really want to be, along with the tangible action steps to bring it all to life. For so long I saw myself as someone who didn’t deserve things, I was timid and didn’t speak up at work, in case people didn't think I was perfect. Now I see myself as an asset, I see the value in myself. I believe in myself and I ask for what I want.

If you’re thinking of joining The Collective, you need to know…

You may not know what it is you want, but you do need to be open-minded to trying different experiments - why not? 8 weeks go by so quickly; lean into all the tools and techniques. You never know what’s going to work for you.

Penny is so personable, and she comes from a place of genuine care with a science-based, psychological perspective that’s so important to me.

I’m now so much more aware of the opportunities around me and which direction I want to go in; every single aspect of my life has changed.