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Opportunity Is Found In Uncertainty

March 14, 2020

Opportunity Is Found In Uncertainty

If you feel like the world has gone mad I doubt you are alone. Is it any wonder when a quick search of any major publication in the world will find your computer screen screaming at you don’t touch anyone, stock up on essentials, lock yourself away, the recession is unavoidable, prepare for the worst. Fear is everywhere and it’s fucking with us. We challenge you don’t let it!

Many of us find ourselves with cancelled travel plans, restricted social outings and working from home. What an opportunity! There are always two ways to look at every situation and experience tells me allowing fear to act as a barrier to progression is not the one that will serve you. Opportunity is found in uncertainty and innovation is born out of adversity.

In 1665, the bubonic plague had landed and the University of Cambridge temporarily closed its doors. Isaac Newton was sent home to Woolsthorpe Manor to work. It was at that time that whilst out in his garden Newton watched an apple fall from a tree which inspired him to formulate his law of universal gravitation.

Disruption to our day to day routine can open our eyes to things we may never have noticed before. We are being disrupted and disruption unlocks possibility if we choose to intentionally adapt rather than unconsciously react.  But how?

Happiness Hacks

Change in bite size pieces is always the most effective way to build ones courage and confidence to step into bigger change over time. So here are a couple of simple ideas you may find helpful to reduce the fear and angst it creates and focus more on what matters:

  1. Focus on Facts not Fear: If you are finding yourself constantly distracted reading online news stories and it’s making you feel shit then I highly recommend limiting yourself to only factful sources like The World Health Organisation which provides rolling updates or The Department of Health if like me you are based in Australia.
  2. Plan joy into the everyday: The ancient Egyptians believed that in order to progress to the afterlife you would be asked two questions: did you find joy and did you bring joy to others. I use these two simple questions to set an intention around each day when I wake. So ask yourself what brings you joy and how will you shape today to gift yourself and someone else a little joy. It can be as simple as a walk in the park for yourself and a random act of kindness for a stranger!
  3. Embrace the uncertainty:I don’t know about you but with all of these events being cancelled, travel embargos and the push to work from home I have some space to think. To consider the opportunity that lies in the uncertainty. So I’ve time blocked a couple of hours next week to brainstorm ideas around how I can help others in navigating what’s next. I’m embracing the uncertainty and committing my time to ideate. Consider what embracing uncertainty looks like for you, what possibilities exist for you in the disruption that has occurred? It might be as simple as more quality time with your children, time to cook something new, time to do an online course you’ve longed for or start a new hobby.

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