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Why I Renamed A Global Term

October 23, 2018

Why I Renamed A Global Term

I’ve rarely done anything well the first time I did it, but I have learnt that if it is something I truly want, I rarely give up after my first attempt. Thus, is the nature of intentional adaptability.

As my curiosity and passion for living and teaching the amplification of the Adaptability Quotient (AQ) has grown I have sought broad perspectives from multiple industry leaders, trusted advisors, and educators to drive a pedagogy that enables humanity to thrive. This process has highlighted that there is a critical component of AQ and it’s definition missing.  So I’m tabling a challenge to reframe the term AQ. Why? Because what is the point in adapting to what is considered a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment if we do so without conscious intent? The one observation I consistently have in teaching the human skills to thrive in uncertainty is that many of us are at a loss as to what gives us meaning in life and this presents a clear opportunity.  This is why I’m challenging the terminology of the highly topical measure of future success AQ and relabelling it IAQ® (Intentional Adaptability Quotient®)

I have become acutely aware of our dire need to bring intention to the forefront of how we skill all generations in navigating the future. There are many examples of how our unconscious approach to creating and engaging with technology has impacted the mental health of our society, and our happiness. From mobile phones to apps designed for addiction.

Reframing our language to IAQ® provides an educational platform for us to build the human skills that enable humanity to thrive by placing wellbeing and happiness at the foundation of our future. Equally, IAQ® is a way to drive a focus on creating ethical technologies that amplify human potential rather than replace it.

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