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Happiness Hacking With Penny Locaso | Episode 1

September 27, 2018

Happiness Hacking With Penny Locaso | Episode 1


What is a happiness Hacker? We start the season with Penny Locaso Human First host and Happiness Hacker digs deep in a reverse interview with her game-changing friend Sheree Rubinstein, Founder and CEO of One Roof.

 In this episode we unpack:

  • Who Penny is as a human being and how she became the worlds first happiness hacker
  • What she's excited about in the future 
  • Why many are afraid of the future and how Penny uses fear to help others embrace the age of uncertainty
  • What Penny is afraid of at the moment and how she's tackling it.
  • Her insights from her time at Singularity University at the NASA Research Centre working with the world-leading AI and technology innovators.
  • What IAQ is and why it is critical to each and every one of us to thrive in a world of tech.
  • Penny's unconventional way of measuring her personal success
  • And why intergenerational connection is critical to solving the challenges we face in the future. 


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