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Human First | Curiosity Challenge

February 19, 2019

Human First | Curiosity Challenge

Thank you for participating in the Curiosity Challenge. We are beyond excited to share this journey with you.  Please find below resources that you may find useful as you deep dive into curiosity.

Curious Resources

Kick Off Workshop Slides

Kick Off Workshop Workbook

Curiosity Barrier Hacks

Curious Content

Learn more about Intentional Adaptability

Read Curious - The Desire to Know and Why Your Future Depends on it by Ian Leslie

Read A Curious Mind - The SECRET to a BIGGER LIFE by Brian Grazer

Read Six Surprising Benefits Of Curiosity

Read Why Curiosity Matters

Listen to the Knowledge Project Podcast or our very own human first podcast

Watch there areover 3000+ Ted Talks on Curiosity

Discovered a curious resource that may be of use to others on the journey. Share it with ushere and we will add to the page.

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If you're seeking meaningful and enriching follow-on from the Curiosity Challenge, why not consider additional coaching sessions for individuals or groups. Contact us to explore innovative ways we can tailor our BKindred coaching to future-proof your team culture and capability. To find out more, book a time to discuss your specific requirements.

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