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1 on 1 Coaching

Spark Your Impact Coaching

Fast-track your freedom and your impact with my bespoke one on one coaching customised to your specific needs.

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Group Coaching

Freedom School

Where female founders grow businesses that make a meaningful difference whilst creating freedom in their lives.

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“I'm doing all these things I never saw myself doing. The shift in mindset has been profound. It's so worth it. I'm charging double what I was and I'm still just as busy. I don't have to work as many hours. I know my value and I know what I can do. Penny's system is just awesome, especially when it comes to foundations for business and marketing.”

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“Things shifted from the first session - we went through an evolution. Penny’s coaching is an accelerator as long as you trust the process. What resonated with me was Penny’s ability to be extremely genuine, backed up with research and science. I do a lot of reading and everything Penny was saying made me think: she knows her shit.”

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“It was a leap of faith and one that has paid off. I'm fully owning this new identity, I've finally done it, that’s my biggest experiment. If you're considering coaching with Penny, you've just got to do it. You’ll make a real, sustainable change, not just revert back to old ways of doing things.”

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“I feel emptier, I was so full up with shit going on in my life and the weight it created in my soul. I feel like space has been created for new things to grow.”