Future Proof Episode #21 - Keran McKenzie

June 20, 2018

Future Proof Episode #21 - Keran McKenzie

This week Penny sits down with Keran McKenzie, Futurist In Residence at MYOB, who is demystifying tomorrow's technology and what it means for you and your business today.

What's exciting him at the moment is voice technology. It's the next thing that is happening so fast - how do you get access to data where you need it as quickly as possible. Think Google Home, Apple Home Pod, Alexa. What's fascinating is that kids today assume that knowledge is around them. Because of this new technology, they have become so used to the idea of asking questions and looking for answers.

Do you have a Google Home, Apple Home Pod, or Alexa at home? How has it changed the way you or your kids look at innovation or cultivate curiosity? Pop your comments onto Penny’s YouTube Channel.

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