Future Proof Episode #22 - Penny Locaso

July 04, 2018

Future Proof Episode #22 - Penny Locaso

With technological advancements unconsciously changing our lives, how do we protect humanity and future-proof the happiness of our workplaces and our society? We do this by striking a balance between personal accountability, human connection, and technology.

Like how Corrie Ackland, Clinical Director Sydney Phobia Clinic, is using virtual reality to help people practice overcoming their fears.

Or how Tony Wu of Weploy is using technology to help businesses hire short-term staff on demand, in as little as 11 seconds.

Omer Molad of Vervoe is reinventing employers' experience around job interviews and the ability to predict the potential of their candidates.

Stephanie Gaddin of Rocking Rose is encouraging women and educating them about different tech roles.

And our youngest interviewee, Yuma Soerianto of MadeByYuma.com, reminds us that technology is nothing to be scared of. It's just a tool to help humans in their daily lives.

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