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Future Proof Episode #23 - Matthew Blanch

July 04, 2018

Future Proof Episode #23 - Matthew Blanch

This week, Penny has deep conversation with Matthew Blanch, Carey Grammar VCE student, about kids' perspective of the future.When asked what youth fear the most about the future, Matthew shared about the growing movement around Nihilism, the belief that "life has no meaning". Everyone in his peer network is aware of this concept. However, when Penny asked her peers over the age of 28 about this concept of nihilism, she got blank stares.

How well do we understand the next generation? How well do we understand their concerns? It's time to start a different conversation - one that seeks to understand and address the fears of the next generation.

Nihilism is a huge risk to our society and the mental wellbeing of the next generation.

Have you heard of this concept before? We ask you to text your teenage kids about nihilism. Have they heard of this movement? Pop your comments onto Penny’s YouTube Channel

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