Kylie's Freedom Journey

October 23, 2023

Kylie's Freedom Journey

How Kylie went from feeling exhausted and unsure where to go for help to setting healthy boundaries and realising I am enough.

Before joining the The Collective, Kylie felt broken and exhausted like she was just hanging on for dear life, Kylie had been knocked down so many times, she was unable to pull herself up alone. Crushed and unable to do anything ‘properly’, Kylie felt she wasn’t a good friend, wife, or boss because time boundaries were so blurred. Kyle knew she needed an intervention and contacting Penny was her cry for help.

From Penny’s content, Kylie could see that Penny understood exactly where she was and the program felt like a sharing of wisdom, like a sisterhood tackling the challenges of life together.

Kylie was looking to prioritise her health and well-being by defining her boundaries, without guilt. She needed to find a way to make sure her recovery from burnout was sustainable.

Kylie found the tools and insights including defining flourishing, using the energy audit, and creating a Hell Yes list most helpful.

Feeling exhausted was taking over. When you burn out there are physiological changes in your body and they take time to heal. I needed to find a way to make my recovery sustainable. Building the hell yes list allowed me to prioritise my health and well-being, I look at it every day to make decisions on where I am going to focus my time and energy.

Through the The Collective, Kylie got clear that nurturing was part of her purpose, not just at home with her kids, but in her work as well. This allowed her to use the tools she learned with her team to enable them to step up and be proud of what they're doing. This also means that Kylie is able to lead better, without allowing curve balls to disrupt her team and taking the impact personally.

I came with a healthy degree of scepticism but I decided to leave that at the door when I came to these sessions. If you're going to do this be open, be present, experiment, and the results last.