Sue's Freedom Journey

October 23, 2023

Sue's Freedom Journey

How Sue went from struggling to find her path after making a big life change, to feeling supported and passing valuable life tools onto her daughters.

Before joining the The Collective, Sue was in a bad place emotionally, mentally and professionally with a heavy weight on her shoulders. Feeling overwhelmed with trying to balance the expectations at work and home and struggling to find a way out, she needed to address a series of problems but was unclear where to start, with each problem connected to the other.

Sue was ready to make changes but she needed support in finding a way to move forward, the way Penny spoke about similar high-performance client experiences, made Sue feel seen.

The pull was validation and being able to test some of her ideas and alternative pathways with someone who had seen it all before.

A pivotal exercise for Sue was ‘going back’ to a time she felt happy in childhood, mapping the point at which that feeling changed, and helping Sue find answers to the challenges she was facing in the present day.

Sue learned to identify and physically feel points of trauma in her life, giving her a reference point to better understand and process her feeling and her behaviour in the present day. I felt that shift and I found the exercises around trama so powerful.Even as an introvert, having a small group of supportive women around me was beneficial to my healing process.

This journey led Sue to be open and committed to the process, even in parts that seemed too ‘spiritual’. What I like about the The Collective is the mix of science, spiritual and practical. Penny is easy to talk to, non-confrontational, strong and independent and I like that.

Sue is using the tools in her everyday life, particularly in raising her daughters by encouraging them to be courageous and reminding them that they are more than enough.