Work-Life Balance Myth: Time is a finite commodity

October 09, 2023

Work-Life Balance Myth: Time is a finite commodity

Ever wondered why finding balance feels like a race against the clock? 

Or what would happen if you shifted your mindset towards time being expansive and an opportunity to give to that which gives you meaning and fulfilment? 

Check out more below as I will challenge not just your view on time but also how you now see balance in your everyday life. 

Work-life balance: try this instead 

When I reflect on my relationship with balance and how it has changed in the nine years since I exited my corporate career, I realise the most powerful action I took was to redefine balance on my terms by first unpacking all the limiting beliefs I had around balance.

This process enabled me to call BS on balance.

So, with this knowledge and years of experimentation, I’ve made an intentional decision to stop chasing balance and to actually drop it from my vocabulary when it comes to life aspiration and instead, I focus on harmony.

Harmony, not as a destination, but as a way of being and experimenting my way to find the micro-moments that empower me to inject more of it into each day.

Harmony for me is about giving myself permission to say, "I give fully to every aspect of life all at once."

Instead, I'm intentionally choosing to prioritise these few things based on the season of life I'm in because that's what's important to me now.

Naming and understanding the season of life you're in is important as it will influence what harmony looks like for you.

So if you are on this hamster wheel, trying to find balance, I challenge you to think about harmony, and also explore a few other truths I have learnt on this journey. These include finding out: 

  1. Balance isn’t a destination, it is a way of being

  2. Balance doesn’t mean self-sacrifice 

  3. Balance doesn’t mean everything existing in equilibrium  

  4. Balance is not a one-size-fits-all equation 

  5. Finding balance doesn’t have to be done alone 

  6. Balance doesn’t mean doing it all 

Now, the next one aims to change your thinking on time. And how you view time can impact the way you see balance as well. 

Work-Life Balance Myth #7: Time is a finite commodity

Myth! Here is the reality. 

Viewing our time as a finite commodity fuels the belief that finding balance is a race against the clock.

Yet, time is so much more than a mere currency!

It's a dimension where moments of value exist. 

Viewing time as a limited resource shackles us to anxiety and rush. 

Embracing balance requires a mindset shift towards viewing time as a canvas where we get to choose which experiences we paint based on what truly matters to us in the current stage of life we are in. 

Based on this new perspective I invite you to reflect and journal on the following question:

  • How has my perception of time and how I use it changed based on this learning that time is not a commodity?

Take a piece of paper and a pen and write it down. 

Final thoughts 

The key points from this article include: 

  • A different way of looking at balance 
  • The #7 of #10 myth of balance 
  • A work-life balance question  

If you’d like to go deeper into dispelling the myths about balance that you can inject more of what makes you feel grounded each day, listen to episode 105 of The Hacking Happy Podcast. 

Or, maybe it is time to show yourself some self-compassion when it comes to chasing that elusive work-life balance. 

Download via the linkhere, my FREE Self Compassion tool to help you be kinder to yourself when you feel like you’re falling short on the balance front. 

Perhaps consider ditching the word from your vocabulary and instead embrace the power of harmony. 

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