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Finding Wobbly Balance in Life | Episode 24

November 24, 2019

Finding Wobbly Balance in Life | Episode 24

Forget about finding balance in life, find tilt instead. In this episode of the Human First Podcast, Penny Locaso interviews Brooke McAlary, author of the book 'Slow', and discusses how she is imperfectly embracing being an author, being a mother of two children, and trying to live mindfully.

This Week We Explore:
  • How Brooke lives more mindfully by 'Tilting', rather than 'Balancing' her life
  • What is 'Wobbly Balance' and how that helps her
  • What's got Brooke curious at the moment
  • The human element of building a community, the sense of belonging, to feel seen and be heard, and to feel more human
  • Brooke's new project, the Slow Experiment Club, which focuses on face-to-face human connections rather than digital connections
  • How Brooke stays connected without Twitter or Facebook
  • Brooke's major concerns around the climate crisis, and what she's doing to make an impact
  • What one question would Brooke like people ask her but that they don't?
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