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Building the Next Generation of Innovation Leaders | Episode 26

December 08, 2019

Building the Next Generation of Innovation Leaders | Episode 26


How do we lead teenagers into this complex age?
In this episode of the Human First Podcast, Penny Locaso talks role models, real innovation, and selfies with Madeleine Grummet, an authentic human being that shows up as she is. As a co-founder, investor, and startup mentor, Madeleine works across the innovation ecosystem bridging the gap between education and the tech industry.

This Week Explore:
  • What innovation actually means, and is it solving real problems
  • To whom do young girls look, and who is going to lead them into this complex age
  • The misconception around STEM (or STEAM)
  • The You Are Not Your Face Project and what it feels like to be a girl in the world right now
  • What's happening with human connection in the next generation
  • Who is the real selfie?
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