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Crushing The Stigma Around Mental Health | Episode 27

December 16, 2019

Crushing The Stigma Around Mental Health | Episode 27


A better way to finding your happy.
What does it mean to be human? To Aaron Williams, it means being present, surrounding yourself with family and friends, and enjoying the simplicity of life. However, sometimes finding your happy place is not as easy as it sounds.
In this powerful episode of the Human First Podcast, Penny Locaso joins Aaron Williams to talk about their shared passion for mental health. In response to Aaron's own struggles with depression and suicidal thinking following the tragic death of a young mate in 2003, he started exploring leadership in mental health. Why was it difficult for Australian men to find support? He believed there was a better way.

This Week Explore:
  • How traveling across South America for six months changed Aaron's perspective on happiness
  • How he plans to empower people to actively seek and achieve happiness
  • What he fears the most about the future
  • The one critical question that people often do not ask themselves and why it is so important
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