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Children And The Future Of Work | Episode 3

September 28, 2018

Children And The Future Of Work | Episode 3


What are your thoughts on kids and the future of work?

You may not know this but recently when my son asked me if he could take a day off school in order to watch me at TEDx Melbourne, I said absolutely! I figured Sax would learn more watching 13 amazing speakers than he would in his Grade 2 classroom.

Equally, as a single mum, I know how hard it can be when an opportunity presents and you can't find care for your child. That's why I'm a huge advocate of children being integrated with work to ensure that parents can #showup for opportunities they desire to.

Why am I telling you this? Because I couldn't wait to share with you my latest podcast interview with Laynton Allan, founder of KidsCo Australia and ex-school teacher. Laynton is fiercely passionate about the future of education and connecting kids into the workplace. KidsCo Australia is an Australian organisation all about family and promoting human connection. 

 In this episode we unpack:

  • Who Laynton is as a human being and how he went from school teacher to entrepreneur founding KidsCo
  • Reducing guilt for working parents through their programs
  • Laynton’s excitement and concerns for the future including the next generation, lack of human connection, and the rise of AI
  • The changes that he would like to see in education to build better human skills that enable kids to thrive
  • Laynton's personal tips for parents to enable their kids to thrive in the future


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