October 19, 2018 1 min read


Perpetual Learning = To Thrive Happiness Hacker and Human First host Penny Locaso shares her hacks on developing the skills needed to thrive in an unprecedented future of artificial intelligence and technology.

As we enter the fourth industrial revolution, uncertainty is becoming the new normal, how do we remain relevant in the context of change? How can we help our children to adapt in this new world we find ourselves in?

This Week, Happiness Hacker and Human First host Penny Locaso shares her perspectives on:

  • Why your Intentional Adaptability Quotient is critical to thriving in a world of exponential technological growth
  • Six foundational pillars to focus on if you want to amplify your IAQ or that of your children
  • Simple hacks to support the amplification pillars, and remain relevant

Resources Referenced By Penny In This Podcast:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Penny Locaso’s Blog / IAQ Your Secret Weapon To Remaining Relevant

Dr Cal Newports Ted Talk / Why You Should Quit Social Media

Dr Cal Newports Deep Work

Foundation For Young Australians, The New Work Reality Report

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