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Leadership In Crisis | Episode 31

April 29, 2020

Leadership In Crisis | Episode 31


Leading when certainty doesn't exist:  In this episode of the Human First Podcast, Penny Locaso is joined from the COVID-19 epicentre by Leadership Guru and one of the Top 50 Business Thinkers in the world, Dorie Clark. Together they discuss what it really feels like for the average person on the street in New York, the role of the leader in this new normal, and how to challenge reactionary behaviour that may not serve you.

As a true illustration of Penny's comment in this episode "every day it changes", since recording this episode with Dorie only 13 days ago, the death toll in the US is now heading towards 60,000.

This Week We Explore:
  • How no matter where we go, we can't escape our own personalities and how that transfers into lockdown
  • Why you need to resist the impulse to create certainty for your people as a leader at this unprecedented time
  • A scarcity mindset and how it taxes your cognitive resources, limiting your ability to intentionally navigate complexity
  • How to create counter-cyclical revenue streams in your business to survive a crisis
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