April 23, 2020 1 min read


The science of humanity:
The way science is being done around COVID-19 is vastly different from anything before. In this episode of the Human First Podcast, Penny Locaso joins biologist Tiffany Vora as they discuss how cultural habits and the way of doing science has been turned on its head. Tiffany also shares how she and her family are navigating the complexity of the current situation, simple hacks to get through the next 24 hours in a full house, and how this crisis in many ways has been a gift.

This Week We Explore:
  • How to create space with your family at home during the day
  • What it looks like when scientists around the world fight a common enemy for the first time
  • How the scientific community is looking at solutions to this health crisis - and it's not how you might think
  • Why the virus has taken off in some communities and not in others
  • How should we look at innovation in this new reality
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