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Surviving The Next 24 Hours | Episode 29

April 10, 2020

Surviving The Next 24 Hours | Episode 29


Maintaining Mental Health In Solitude:
Welcome to the launch of Season 3 of the Human First podcast. This season, we will be talking to interesting humans about how they are personally navigating the complexity of the current situation, the opportunities this challenge presents, their hopes for the future, and any simple hacks to not only get through the next 6 months but also the next 24 hours.
In this timely episode of the Human First Podcast, Penny Locaso joins behavioural scientist Milo-Arne Wilkinson as she shares the effect enforced isolation can have on us physically and emotionally. If we listen to what our brain is saying about isolation, it's like being grounded as a child - isolation is a punishment. What will become of us if the words we use to describe isolation - physical confinement, alone, quarantine, withdrawal - become our actions, and those actions become our emotions?

This Week We Explore:
  • How the language we use affects our ability to make change
  • How enforced isolation can have the same physical and emotional effects as solitary confinement
  • How do we help the mental health of the elderly during these days of self-isolation
  • How do we get through the next 24 hours
  • How do we own our space and create space for the things that matter
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