Technology's Two-Headed Dragon | Episode 15

February 02, 2019

Technology's Two-Headed Dragon | Episode 15


Just because it can be done, does it mean we should.Raymond McCauley, scientist, engineer, investor, Chair, Digital Biology at Singularity University, and co-founder bioCurious. With too many titles to fit on a business card, when Penny asked who Raymond is as a human being, his number one response was a Father, and his most important role, that of being a curator of experience for his 12-year-old twin boys.

This week, Raymond shares with Penny his insights into the world of biotechnology and DNA sequencing, discussing his wish for us to know what the basic technologies are, understand what they do, what we should integrate into our lives, and what we need to put at a distance.

This Week We Explore

  • Do we need to restrict the tools or restrict the actions that people take with the tools?
  • Genetic engineering tools, and where they’re being applied
  • The 2-headed dragon that exists in the use of synthetic biology
  • Knowledge is good for knowledge sake

Where To Find Raymond

Singularity University

Where To Find Penny


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